UK Payroll Team Leader

Human Resources @Grayson Talent

Job Description


1. Managing a Team:

– Meeting SLAs and deadlines
– Managing Performance through the use of Metrics and regular 1-2-1s
– Holding team meetings and communicating company information and updates.
– Listening to and addressing employee concerns, escalating as appropriate
– Addressing any work-related conflicts within the team that may arise
– Assisting with recruitment and selection

2. Communication:

Communicate effectively with senior management, peers, direct reports, customers and other departments

3. Delegator:

Delegate both willingly and strategically to ensure everything is done and to train their employees to take on bigger roles in the organization.

4. Training:

Responsibility and need to develop others to succeed in their roles and prepare for future roles

5. Problem-Solving Facilitator:

To serve as facilitator to help solve problems

6. Workload Management:

Responsible for implementing strategies that team members use to achieve a goal, delegating tasks based on each member’s strengths and skills

7. Motivation:

Responsible for inspiring and motivating team members with regular encouragement, keeping the enthusiasm going by providing individualized coaching when needed. Providing a safe environment

8. Strategic Thinking:

Keeping the big picture in mind, and planning what directions and approaches the team should use to reach the desired results

9. Managing Change:

With strategy and vision comes the ever-present need for change. As a leader, you must guide and champion the changes that you envision and those that have been entrusted to you from up the ladder

10. Continuous Improvement:

Developing and implementing of procedures that improve efficiency and increase quality of service

11. Escalation point:

First point of contact for escalations, from team members, stakeholders and/or customers

12. Cost Management:

Reducing overtime, planning for public holidays


– Minimum +3 years in a similar position with an excellent understanding of the Microsoft Suite
– Extensive knowledge of management strategies and practical application in the workplace
– Strong understanding of business goals and standards for customer service
– Experienced in analyzing company needs, employee development and goal setting
– Excellent interpersonal communication skills
– Experience in effectively organizing and managing a team of +15 members
– Ability to influence others in a positive way
– Ability to take decisions, even unpopular ones
– Has an understanding of UK legislation considered an assess but not required
– Ability to know when to step out of the leadership role and let others take the lead.
– Agility to create an environment where teams and colleagues are inspired to embrace change and take ownership. The ability also to attract the right individuals
– Project management skills
– Understanding and application of team dynamics within the workplace
– Negotiation skills