Production Manager

Operations @Grayson Talent

Job Description


Health & Safety Management

  • Abiding to group Policies and following Procedures scrupulously.
  • Having a knowledge of the main requirements of group standards and advisories.
  • Reporting any dangerous situation, near misses or unsafe act/condition to management.
  • Participating in and contributing to safety month activities or other safety related events organized by the company.
  • Ensuring that all team members are maintaining all PPE issued.
  • Carry out Risk Assessment and proposing solutions.
  • Keeping management informed of all new work process put in place in your department to enable a proper risk analysis.
  • Ensure Production Team (Plant, Pumps and Trucks teams) are carrying out toolboxes and work place inspections.
  • Ensuring a good standard of House Keeping on Plants and on Site after concrete delivery and pumping.
  • Ensuring that Production team carries out Permit to work before interventions on plants, pumps and trucks.
  • Ensure that pumping team carry out site checklist before pumping.

Production, Delivery and Pumping

  • Ensures consumption raw materials cost is below budget (Rs/m3) by monitoring the consumption of raw materials such as cement, aggregates, admixtures, etc. on a weekly and daily basis, explain deviations and propose solutions.
  • Improves productivity output (m3/hour) by optimizing plant equipment and batching software.
  • Ensures on time delivery of concrete by closely following up daily planning.
  • Ensures concrete pumps arrive on site on time and pump concrete to client’s satisfaction.
  • Reduces waste accumulation on plants in a timely and cost-efficient manner by organizing regular removal.
  • Monitors diesel, water and electricity consumption on all plants to ensure their optimum use, reports anomalies and proposes and implement solutions to avoid wastage.
  • Ensures availability of raw materials such as, fibers, admixtures, decorative aggregates as per requirements of planning and organizes according to planning.
  • Ensure availability of truck mixers to carry out delivery as per planning and ensure monthly meetings with Outsource Truck Mixer owners to maintain relationship.
  • Maintain availability of pumps to ensure that concrete pumping is done according to planning.


  • Ensure that the invoicing of clients is carried out daily and any anomalies reported to the concerned parties.

Maintenance and Repairs Management

  • Ensure that maintenance, servicing and repairs of plants, loaders, truck mixers and concrete pump and buildings to keep them to the manufacturers’ standards.
  • Ensure that pumps and trucks are certified as per manufacturers and Mauritius legal requirements.
  • Ensure all equipment in outsource Garage are as per standards and as per Mauritius legal requirements.
  • Ensure that maintenance cost is below budget and critical spare parts are in stock.


  • Prepare financial yearly budget according to approved action plan with Top Management for the period on CAPEX and expenses for his department.
  • See to it that expenses remain in line with approved budget and comments on /explains variances.
  • Approve all related purchase orders and payments.
  • Liaise with suppliers for spares parts.

Plant Set Up

  • Responsible for new plant set up or transfer of plant to new site.
  • Liaise with different authorities for permit example building permit, borehole permit, CWA and CEB permits.
  • Ensure selection and follow up on contractors for the setup of the plant in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Human Resources

  • Optimizes resources to ensure costs efficiency.
  • Identifies training need among staff members and liaises with the HR Department for training organizations.


Educational Background / Qualifications

  • Minimum Degree in Production Management.
  • Certificate in Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical engineering, Industrial Automatism or any equivalent qualification.

Experience Required

  • At least 5 years in a similar position.



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