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Job Description


Expatriate Management and Welfare

  • Ensure, in coordination with the Health and Safety Officer, the upkeeping and maintenance of dormitories according to OSHA and any other regulations in force.
  • Ensure optimisation of resources to manage utilities, transport and food for workers.
  • Review utilities consumption and strive to minimize costs; Ensure proper supply of consumables (water, cooking gas, etc…) in a timely manner so as to avoid any shortage or disruption; follow-up on repairs or renovations schedule.
  • Organise work council with workers representative on a regular basis to resolve any workers issue and to pass on messages from Management.
  • Plan and organise welfare activities to facilitate communication and to create a sense of belonging and encourage teamwork and improve engagement.
  • Instill the values of the organisation through different activities (incl. training and coaching) so as all
    employees of the organisation demonstrate these values in everything they do.
  • Together with the H&S Officer ensure a high standards of Health and Safety at all level and at all time
    to mitigate occupational risks.
  • Act as a communication channel between Management and Employees to either share improvement
    ideas or to pass on important information.
  • Visit dormitories and meet with employees on a regular basis to ensure that all sanitary and safety
    standards are adhered to and to addressed any grievance from employees, neighbourhood and
  • Responsible of dormitories upkeeping and compliance with all laws and regulations and maintain a
    strong relationship with expatriates/employees so as to be the preferred point of contact for all HR
    related matters.
  • Take stock of all issues workers encounter with Bank and other Authorities and assist them in finding
    the most suitable solution

Health and Safety

  • Instil a health and safety culture across the organisation through awareness and education.
  • Assist in the Health & Safety Committees, provide related reports to Management and do proper
    follow-up on corrective actions.

Disciplinary and Employment Relations

  • Investigate on any suspicious behaviour, grievance or dispute that are not in line with the law, internal
    policies or non ethical and report to Management in a timely manner for decision.
  • Assist in the organisation of Disciplinary Committees as prescribed by the law and represent the employer before the DC panel members in a fair and ethical manner.
  • Ensure proper communication and address any issue by employees or staff representatives to mitigate risk of industrial unrest. Report promptly to Management of any risk or occurrence.
  • Address promptly any issue of non adherence to policies or other inappropriate behaviour to make sure that corrective actions are taken immediately.


  • Ensure updated records on all existing and ex-employees with an easily retrievable and secured system.
  • Use data available to prepare management reports as and when needed for decision making.
    Prepare and provide letters to employees such as contracts, certificate of service or employment letters as and when needed.
  • Maintain an updated filing system to record all information pertaining to any payment, licence,
    certification or tax due which is secured and easily retrievable to authorised persons only.

Sourcing and Recruitmen

  • Reviewing and drafting of job profiles, job adverts and job objectives to reflect the scope of
    responsibilities for each position.
  • Prepare, organise and conduct recruitment interviews, draft a feedback report and providing the
    necessary inputs during the hiring process.
  • Maintain an updated database of potential candidates and job contractors and “expatriate” agents per
    category of jobs for any eventual need in order to minimise time-to-fill.


  • Ensure proper KYC for all new joiners so that to ascertain that all legal, medical or any other
    requirements are met.
  • Organise and follow-up on all logistical (lodging, transport and food) aspects to facilitate the
    importation of foreign labour and oversee all the administrative aspect attached to it.
  • Ensure that all new joiners are provided with a full induction training to help them integrate the
    organisation in the most effective manner.
  • Ensure that all new joiners are provided with the necessary facilities in a timely manner so that they
    can work effectively as soon as possible.
  • Gather information and organise regular assessment meeting during the probation period to make sure the employee is performing up to expectations.


  • Based on job profiles and future needs, conduct a learning needs analysis for both technical and
    behavioural competencies per incumbent to help them improve their performance.
  • Maintain an updated directory of training providers that would be suitable for the needs of the
    organisation. Develop, deliver and assess in-house training for soft skills.
  • Plan and organise training with suitable and reputable providers and assess effectiveness of the
    learning at different stage following the training.
  • Ensure all trainings are HRDC and MQA approved, follow-up on payments and keep records of HRDC refunds for Management reporting purposes.

Performance Management

  • Setting of SMART objectives for their employees with measurable KPI aligned with the vision and
    objectives of the organisation.
  • Conduct performance appraisal (PA) and Performance Development Plans (PDP) to ensure that it is
    done according to the laid out principles.

Contingency Management

  • Act promptly in any unforeseen event so as to mitigate business disruption such as a pandemic
    outburst, lockdown, riots, etc.
  • Ensure that the Business Continuity Plan is updated and that all staff are aware of same so as to mitigate business disruption.


  • Ensure that all necessary measures (incl. medical and administrative) are taken when an expatriate
    employment is being terminated before he can fly out.
  • Conduct exit interviews with leavers, analyse trends and report to Management for decision taking.
  • Ensure that all properties and belongings of the company are returned in a good state.
  • Follow-up on all internal procedures in case of dismissal, resignation, end of contract or deceased
    employees at work.
  • Perform Exit interviews; compile and analyse data and trends; recommend and implement initiatives
    to improve the employee experience.

Payroll Administration

  • Provide effective and efficient support to HR and Payroll Coordinator to ensure smooth running of the
  • Compile, monitor, verify and reconcile all financial data for the payroll.
  • Ensure salary advices are issued to all our employees in a timely manner.


  • Bachelor in Human Resources, preferably Master in Human Resources, and/or relevant qualifications.
  • 5-10 years experience as Human Resource Manager.

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