General Manager

@Grayson Talent

Job Description

The General Manager is responsible for the management and performance of the Distribution Centre Operations, Transport Operations, and Customer Service in his region. Building and monitoring operational capacity and process to ensure the sustainability of the Distribution Centre operations at the right cost to the right quality standard.


Warehouse & Transport Management:

• Ensures all quality audits are passed.
• Ensures all operations comply with Company policy and procedure.
• Improves operational KPI’s year on year.
• Ensures DC facilities and equipment are maintained and in good working order.
• Overseeing Inventory Management.
• Reviewing Replenishment put away and Inventory control operations.

Customer Service:

• Achieve customer contracted service levels.
• No restaurant below the minimum service level over a 12-month period.
• Ensure that customer complaints are resolved quickly.
• Build and maintain sound relationships with market.

Continuous Improvement:

• Develop human capital, processes, and procedures and ensure continuous are actively pursued in the areas of process, quality, service level, and cost improvements.


• Presents and explains performance per DC.


• Achieve budgeted cost per case per DC.


• Delivers budgets per DC that meet the specified mandate.

Master delivery schedule.

• Ensures DC master schedules are optimal, accommodate growth, and meet the customer’s needs.


• DC contingency plans are always up-to-date.
• Operational risks are timeously addressed and mitigated.
• Mitigate financial loss.
• Ensure that all KPI’s are met and risk is mitigate.


• DC Managers performance is reviewed at least 4 times a year.
• Succession plans for DC managers are always up to date.
• Continuous training and development according to training requirements are met and up to date.
• Continuously coaches and mentors staff.
• Host monthly staff meetings with minutes.
• Ensure that all staff maintains DQSP certification.
• Ensure a succession plan is in place for career levels.
• Liaising with the HR department so as to understand all the necessary aspects and needs of HR development, and ensure all staff are fully informed of HR objectives, purposes, and achievements.
• Manage a stable HR climate in the workplace.
• Liaising with HR regarding overtime and absenteeism, motivating staff, recruiting staff, training, mentoring, coaching, and developing of staff according to company policies and procedures.
• Conduct regular performance appraisals with subordinates and ensure that the process is cascaded throughout the warehousing team.
• Develop and manage a high-performance multi-disciplinary team in order to solve problems within the distribution centre.


• Represent Digistics within the market and assist with growing the customer base within the respective region.

Work Experiences

8 to 12 years of Experiences in the field of Senior Distribution Center Operational Management.

Senior Operational Management including but not limited to:

  •  International Management
  •  Warehouse Management
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Transport Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Shift Management
  •  Health & Safety Management
  • Facility & Asset Management
  • Contingency Planning & Management
  •  Best Practice / Continuous Improvement Management
  • Management of multi-temperature stock items
  • Management of complex, multi-site, multi-disciplinary, multi-culture organizations
  • Integrated strategy formulation and execution within large organizations of 400-plus employees

People Management including but not limited to:

  • Probation Management
  • Performance Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Disciplinary Enquiries, including investigations, initiating and chairing
  • CCMA / Bargaining Council Exposure
  • Sound knowledge of Payroll Processes
  •  Unionized Workforce Management
  •  Culture development
  •  Organizational planning
  •  Change Management


  • Tertiary Degree, Honors Degree in Business / Supply Chain Management, or similar would be advantageous.

Computer Literacy Requirements:

  • MS Office (PowerPoint, Projects, Word, Outlook)
  •  Advanced MS Excel Skills
  • Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) Skills
  • Accounting Software
  • Microsoft Great Plains

Personal Competencies and Skills

  • Enjoys a challenging, high-paced, high pressured, and exciting environment.
  • Will embrace our high-performance culture that works hard and plays hard. Is willing to grow within our business beyond the next 12 to 24 months.
  •  Is able to create a leadership culture where all managers provide their teams with purpose, autonomy, and opportunity for skill mastery, and lead them with the care and growth philosophy.
  •  Build a top leadership team that inspires the entire organization with a sense of Purpose/Mission, lives by inspiring values, and always acts with fairness.
  •  Build teams of dedicated, industrious, values-based, and fun people who provide their peers with inspiration, support, and a real friendship that goes beyond the office.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills (English).
  • Ability to take responsibility.
  • Ability to take accountability.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Exceptional time management skills.
  • Planning and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic team.
  • Results and deadline driven.
  • Problem-solving capabilities.
  • Disciplined Approached.

Behavioral Competencies and Skills

Work ethic:

  • Is keenly aware of the time frame in which tasks or projects need to be done. Accepts and mirrors the level of urgency conveyed by the manager or customer being served. Puts first priority on the needs of the organization or the needs of its customers.

Job skills:

  • Possesses sufficient job skills and knowledge to perform the job in a competent manner. Is able to demonstrate skills and knowledge in day-to-day situations.


  • Makes sure to understand every safety practice expected by the organization. Takes no shortcuts that increase the risks of accidents, personal injuries, or equipment failures. Looks for unsafe practices in the workplace and take responsibility to ensure that others are aware of the potential impact.


  • Meets or exceeds productivity standards that have been established for his/her organizational level or position. Has successfully combined skills, ability, and effort level to ensure that expectations related to results/output are achieved.

Quality of work:

  • Has established a track record of producing work that is highly accurate, demonstrates attention to detail, and reflects well on the organization. Is personally committed to high-quality work and encourages others to have similar standards.

Quantity of work:

  • Produces an amount of work that meets or exceeds job expectations. Makes sure that quality does not suffer as the quantity of work increases. Works effectively with peers and carries own share of team workload.


  • Acts in ways that demonstrate personal integrity and serve as a positive example of why others should trust the motives of the organization. Views himself or herself as a reflection of the organization by following through on commitments and accepting ownership of any mistakes he or she might make. Leaves others with the clear impression that integrity is a core value at this organization.











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