Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Global Business @Grayson Talent

Job Description


  • Implementing and monitoring the day-to-day operation of the AML/CFT policy and procedures.
  • Ensure that the Compliance, Control and AML/CFT Guidelines; the Company Administration Processes and the Trust Administration Processes are adhered to and implemented by all staff members.
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors or a committee of the Board on any material breaches of the internal AML/CFT policy and procedures and of the AML/CFT laws, codes and standards of good practice.
  • Preparing reports annually and such other periodic reports which deems necessary to the Board or a committee of the Board dealing with:
    – The adequacy/shortcomings of internal controls and other AML/CFT procedures implemented,
    – Recommendations to remedy the deficiencies identified above,
    – The number of internal reports made by staff,
    – The number of reports made to the FIU.
  • Convene regular Meetings with the Board to ensure compliance with the statutory obligations and provisions regarding AML/CFT and taking sufficiently robust measures to protect against any potential risk of being used for money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Providing periodic refresher and/or new Compliance Training to staff, covering Money Laundering/Anti-Money Laundering/Bribery/Corruption/Terrorists financing and all related applicable AML/CFT guidelines.
  • Prepare regular Compliance Reports with respect to the overall operations of the Company.


• Minimum a degree holder or equivalent professional qualification.
• At least 5 years experience in the Global Business Sector or Financial Services Sector.

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